Hi! I'm Lennert (b. 1997). I'm a Belgium based photographer and visual artist. Within my personal work, the process of creation takes precident over the end-result. In working this way, the end-result becomes a way of relating to the world, whereas the process helps shape it. For inquiries, commisions, and print sales, you can contact me via the channels linked below.

2021-2022    MA   LUCA school of Arts, Genk   
2017-2021     BA   LUCA school of Arts, Genk

2022    Only blinking made it stay, MA thesis ︎

Selected group exhibitions

2022     EXIT22, CCHA              
2022     Try-out, Dommelhof    
2021     Complex nature, Z33  
2020     1m2, Begijnhof, Z33    
2020     EXPOsed, Collaborative online exhibition
2019     De laatste kabaal, The school

Selected publications

2022     Fashion+
2022     Masculinity+
2020     Cargo Collective Selections
2020     De Standaard, Bits of dance
2019     To whom this may concern (selfpublished, edition of 2)