Lennert is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Belgium. Currently following breadcrumbs in whichever way they lead. Reporting back occasionally, seeking full-time. 

2021-2022    MA   LUCA school of Arts, Genk   
2017-2021     BA   LUCA school of Arts, Genk

2022    Only blinking made it stay, MA thesis ︎

Selected group exhibitions

2022     EXIT22, CCHA              
2022     Try-out, Dommelhof    
2021     Complex nature, Z33  
2020     1m2, Begijnhof, Z33    
2020     EXPOsed, Collaborative online exhibition
2019     De laatste kabaal, The school

Selected publications

2020     Cargo Collective Selections
2020     De Standaard, Bits of dance
2019     To whom this may concern (selfpublished, edition of 2)