Waiting for the future to arrive (or the past catch up) // 2021

A mixed media project exploring the idea of simulation and external steering in our collective decision-making. The project explores three distinct stages:

I. Softlocked (2:34)

Little cracks start to show.
The ivisible force outs itself in little ways.
Situations seem unexplainable, deja-vu becomes more apparent.

II. Limbo

an in-between place where we drift while awaiting what comes next.
The past already happened, but the future hasn't arrived yet.
A state in which uncertainty, anxiety and forms of paranoia find their home.

III. Hardlocked (2:35)

The facade held up by the invisible force starts to breakdown.
Everything we came to believe about ourselves,
we believed because we were conditioned to do so.
The world becomes nothing more than an elaborate
decor we were told was real.